Blind Dreams of Filip Jacobson
Data publikacji: 2011-03-04
A student from the Gdynia Film School is looking for persons who are willing to participate in his new project. Eager to make a documentary with the working title ‘Blind dreams’, our student invites blind people to share their dreams.
 Blind Dreams of Filip JacobsonHow do the dreams of blind people look like? How do these people feel them, see them and remember them? What scents, shapes and sounds do these dreams have? How do the blind talk about their dreams?

The film is going to be a poetic response to the question: ‘About what and how do the blind from birth dream?’.‘I would like my viewers to feel the universe of emotions, sensations and impressions of the blind who dream, feel and have memories which are connected with the touch, smell and sound,’ says Filip.

The director wants to render the atmosphere of dreams through the images. Since the world of the blind from birth is devoid of light, Filip Jacobson, following their stories, will refer to the contrast between brightness and darkness, to the shadows as well as black and white colours. Using different modes of artistic expression, the film will show in a very subtle way the stories told by the blind people and impressions that stayed in their minds.‘We are very happy that future directors undertake so crucial social problems as disabilities. It is fantastic when the disability is shown in a positive manner that brings hope instead of simply arousing our compassion and sadness,’ said Iwona Mikulska from the Gdynia Integration Centre which assists the young director in his work.

The blind people who are interested in the project are kindly asked to contact the Gdynia Integration Centre (phone: 58660 28 38) or the Gdynia Film School (phone: 58620 11 10).