The Women are the winners
Data publikacji: 2010-11-23
'Three Women' is the title of the script that will be used by the participants of the 9th Pomeranian Film Workshop to create a movie under the artistic custody of Wojciech Marczewski.
 The Women are the winnersAfter passionate discussions and exciting disputes, and above all, after the classes with Grzegorz Łoszewski [which as usual were the turning point], this script has been selected out of 14 options to become a foundation of a story that will be told by the 9th Pomeranian Film Workshop participants. The film, due to be finished by 14 December, tells a story of a difficult relationship among a mother, a daughter and 'the third one'.

Piotr Buśko is the author of the script idea. The Workshop participants have already had their first classes with the artistic guardian of this film - the film director Wojciech Marczewski. The first action shots will be made on 3 December.

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