The great change of location
Data publikacji: 2010-10-01
The Gdynia Film School has just moved from its temporary premises at Armii Krajowej Street to the lovely park-surrounded manor in the Wielki Kack district of Gdynia, at Folwarczna Street 2.
The great change of locationAlthough the refurbishment, moving the office and organizing the new premises is still in process, the fresh students at the Department of Directing and Cinematography have already started classes in the new building.

Not only is the Manor filled with the air of history as the building is a registered monument but also the spirit of science as it had previously been the seat of the Secondary School no. I in Gdynia, one of the best Schools of Tricity and nature – the complex is surrounded by a beautiful, historical park.

The palace was first erected in XVIII century and later reconstructed in XIX century. The building is surrounded by a park of valuable tree species: beech, maple, hornbeam, alder, willow, yew, poplar, horse chestnut, Douglas-fir and Robinia. Among others, there are two beautiful horse chestnuts – the monuments of nature and many trees of monumental dimensions, for example a birch of 135 cm trunk diameter. The manor was the first building in Gdynia to be registered as the monument of history, back in 1946.

Such interiors and surroundings bring a new, wide perspective to the scholarly projects. Some people even say that the palace brings to mind the castle of Harry Potter...