Albatrosses 2010 awarded
Data publikacji: 2010-06-10
Laureates of the 3. Amateur Films Review Albatrosses are annouced. 'Lustro’, 'Nie chcę!’ and 'Boisko‘ concern great problems of young people.
Albatrosses 2010 awarded Tempestuous generation gaps, difficult relationships with parents, moral ambiguilty, love, friendship, treason, competition and everything that a young filmmaker knows best were the themes of feature and documentary shorts submitted to the Review.

On 8 August in Multikino in Gdynia nominated films were screened. Award ceremony was hosted by Tomasz Żółtowski. The screening room was bursting in the seams. Among incredibly numerous audience directors, actors, music makers, stage designers, artistic supervisors and many more were present.

Jury of the Review: Jurek Rados, Marcin Borchardt and Sławomir Pultyn awarded the following prizes:

Albatross 2010 for the best feature film ex aequo to 'Lustro’ [dir. Joanna Kopycka, XV LO Gdańsk] and 'Nie chcę!’ [dir. Bartosz Banachewicz, III LO Gdynia]

Albatross 2010 for the best documentary film to ’Boisko’ [dir. Dominik Krawczyk, X LO Wrocław]The

Special Jury Award for the documentary film to 'Offranking’ [dir. F. Wawrzynkowski XLII LO Warszawa]

Winners, apart from statues, got also financial prizes that might support their further film plans.

For the third time the organizer of the competition was Pomeranian Film Foundation in Gdynia and III Liceum Ogólnokształcące in Gdynia. Supervisor, coordinator and a good spirit of the whole project is Joanna Śmierzchalska from III LO in Gdynia.