Leszek Kopeć
Leszek Kopeć
Director of the GFS. Graduate of Polish philology on the University of Gdańsk.Producer, entrepreneur and publisher. Director of Polish Film Festival and CEO of Pomeranian Film Foundation in Gdynia.

Between 1973-1979 the co-founder and editor ofstudent literary magazine 'Litteraria'. Businessman, publisher, author of the novel 'Kredowe koło' published in 1989 and stories and reviews published in Polish periodicals. Between1995-2002 worked with 'Megaron' - a magazine about book publications.Since 1999 Director of Neptune Film and then Director of Polish Film Festival. Between 2005-2010 Director of the Cultural Centre in Gdynia.

2006-2010 Chronicle 31, Chronicle 32, Chronicle 33, Chronicle 34, Chronicle 35 - documentary chronicles of Polish Film Festival in Gdynia
2008 Andrzej Wajda watches 'Popiół i diament' ('Ashes and Diamonds') - together with TVP SA
2009 Janusz Morgenstern watches 'Do zobaczenia, do jutra' ('See You Tomorrow') - together with TVP SA
2009-2010 'Kuchnia Mistrzów' - together with TVP SA
2006-2010 Short films produced during the eight editions of Pomeranian Film Workshops