Sylwia Galon
Sylwia Galon - słuchacz
Graduate of the Sculpture Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (she got a diploma under supervision of professor Grzegorz Klaman). She deals in video filming, installations, multimedia activities, bioart and sometimes vj-ing. She lives in Gdańsk.

She also studied the master’s programme at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, Netherlands, and inYach Paszkiewicz multimedia and videoclip school.
Sylwia took part in numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad, e.g. “Fiction and fiction” in ISW Wyspa in 2009, "Scary Challange" in Tallinn, Estonia in 2009, "Stocznia - mapa nie pamięci", ISW Wyspa in 2010, "Trwa Generowanie Pogdlądu" MS in Łódź in 2010, "Space the final frontier", Shristi University in Bangalore, India in 2011, "Art&apparatus" in Ronneby in 2012, "Passengers" in Hanina Contemporary Art Gallery, Israel in 2012. She worked also as a cameraperson and editor for Sopot Dance Theatre, Akuku Sztuka, Regional Television and other institutions. She has attended Film Societies meetings ever since she remembers. An active member of the cultural life of Tricity.