A Moment
A Moment
The film entitled "A Moment" is a short documentary film shot with the use of an experimental form based on fast, impressional editing.
2013 | Documentary film directed by Marta Grabicka
It took the director over a year to find important moments that, according to her, characterize periods in life that change in the twinkling of an eye. The length of shots changes according to the amount of time we feel they last in life. Every sequence is told about not only by the amount of time it lasts, but also by the actions of characters. Our journey begins and ends in hospital.

Directing: Marta Grabicka
Screenplay: Marta Grabicka
Editing: Marta Grabicka
Cinematography: Marta Grabicka
Music: Leszek Możdżer
Producer: Leszek Kopeć / Gdyńska Szkoła Filmowa

Duration: 07:16 min