Ab Ovo
Ab Ovo tells the story of life – from birth to death. The film was shot in one of Polish bulterier. Entering this place is strictly forbidden for trespassers. Not many of us know what exactly takes place behind the closed door.
2011 | Documentary film directed by Piotr Janiszewski
Antek's life seems to be pretty simlar to the lives of other kids in the shelter. When a girl with a past, Anka, is admitted to the shelter, everything changes.
2015 | Feature film directed by Sylwia Galon
A Moment
The film entitled "A Moment" is a short documentary film shot with the use of an experimental form based on fast, impressional editing.
2013 | Documentary film directed by Marta Grabicka
Irka and Miłosz are a couple of teenagers who decide to lock themselves up in a hotel room. Their plan is perfect and they are guided by one thought – our love is extraordinary. Twelve hours spent in the room will change their relation forever.
2015 | Feature film directed by Emilia Zielonka
Two Roads
Adam works as a city guard. After working hours he is a rock band leader. He believes that winning the competition will be his great chance for success. Soon it turns out that there are more important things in life.
2012 | Documentary film directed by Piotr Janiszewski