The film tells the story about three generations of women living together in poverty. Every one of them represents a different attitude to life. Agata, the daughter, is trying to fulfill her dream of being an artist, although it is not easy for her to believe in herself.
2013 | Feature film directed by Marta Grabicka
Selection for the the Young Cinema Competition at the 38. Gdynia Film Festival

In the competition of short films and feature diploma films of film school students (called the Young Cinema Competition) there were screened 41 films produced i.e. in Łódź Film School, Gdynia Film School and Wajda School.

Gdynia Film Festival is one of the biggest film events in Poland and the only one which promotes the Polish cinema to such a large scale.

Selection for the Main Competition for short films at the 32. Koszalin Debut Film Festival “Young and Cinema”

Koszalin Debut Film Festival “Young and Cinema” is the biggest Polish film festival to present young Polish cinema: full-length cinema and TV film debuts as well as short films – animations, documentary and feature films.

Selection for the Eureka Festival

EUREKA aims at arousing interest of youth in film as a form of communicating one’s point of view, familiarizing future filmmakers with the Tenth Muse, inspiring by presenting the achievements of the masters of cinema, and promoting Poland abroad.

Selection for the main competition at the 10. Carbon Student Film Festival

Carbon Student Film Festival, which has been organised since 2004 by the students of leading polish film schools of Łódź and Katowice, is aimed at presenting film works of students of film schools from all over the Europe to a wide audience, and also mutual exchange of creative experiences and school’s integration.,,Matka_zwyci%C4%99%C5%BCa_w_Katowicach.html