To tell stories and provoke emotions
About his way to Hollywood, one important question and making films in his spare time tells Jan Wilkiewicz - a young filmmaker from Sopot, whose documentary got much interest at Polish and foreign film festivals.
Films in Riwiera
On Tuesday 14 September Riwiera Film Club and Gdynia Film School will organize screenings of shorts made by Pomeranian Film Workshops’ participants and a meeting with the main coordinator of the project - Jurek Rados.
Promoting cities
On 9 and 10 September the second edition of Films Promoting Cities and Regions Festival Promocity wil take place under the patronage Mayor of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek. Gdynia Film School is a partner of that event.
9 Pomeranian Film Workshops
The admission to Pomeranian Film Workshops has just begun. Until 30 September everyone interested may submit their applications via website and send their artistic works.
Dorota Kolak among GFS lecturers
Film and theatrical actress, graduate of acting studies at Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Teatralna in Kraków will conduct classes at Gdynia Film School.