2010 / 2011
The first in history academic year inauguration ceremony at the Gdynia Film School is behind us. 'It is not important where you place the camera but why' said Robert Gliński quoting Krzysztof Kieślowski on welcoming the students.
The great change of location
The Gdynia Film School has just moved from its temporary premises at Armii Krajowej Street to the lovely park-surrounded manor in the Wielki Kack district of Gdynia, at Folwarczna Street 2.
'The Question' goes to Hollywood
The film 'The Question' made by graduates of Pomeranian Film Workshops will be screened at Valley Film Festival in Hollywood.
Workshops' film at international festival in Madrit
'Parking, 4 p.m.' will be screened at XIII International Short Film Festival La Boca del Lobo.
Wojciech Staroń joins GSF's team
 The cinematographer of 'Jeszcze nie wieczór' and 'Plac zbawiciela' will carry out cinematography classes at Gdynia Film School.