Merry Christmas
We wish you healthy and joyful Christmas in homely atmosphere and plenty of time for the things that really matter spent among your closest family at home decorated with the most beautiful Christmas Tree, filled with gingerbread scent and Carol chants.
 The Women are the winners
'Three Women' is the title of the script that will be used by the participants of the 9th Pomeranian Film Workshop to create a movie under the artistic custody of Wojciech Marczewski.
A film from workshops in competition
'The Parking, 4 pm' is going to be screened at the student film contest at the XVII Ireneusz Radzio International Independent Film Festival 'Journalism 2010'.
Students and graduates
GFS’ students and PFW’s graduates - people who we teach and those who took their first film steps at workshops. Who are they? Which movies do they make? In what projects they participate?
9 PFW: names of 12 participants
The admisson to Pomeranian Film Workshops has already ended. The 9 edition of workshops will begin in October.