Albatrosses have taken off
Data publikacji: 2010-03-14
Qualification for Albatrosses 2010 - the Review of Amateur Films made by students have already begun. By 31stMarch students of secondary schools can submit their works.
Albatrosses have taken offAmateur filmmakers from upper secondary schools who will create a feature film or documentary are invited to the review.

Films with special qualities [historical plot, cinematography, original music, etc.] will compete for the special prize.

Review's Regulations

1.The organizer of the review is Pomeranian Film Foundation, Gdynia,Armii Krajowej 24

2.This review aims at arousing the students' interest in filmmaking.

3.The participants of the review are the students of secondary schools.

4.Films submitted for review should meet the following conditions:
- genre [drama, documentary]: any,
- subject of the film: any,
- duration: feature film from 10 minutes, documentary film from 5 minutes,
- recorded on a DVD.

5.Films with special qualities [historical plot, cinematography, original music, etc.] will compete for the special prize.

6.Preliminary applications for the competition can be sent until 31stMarch 2010.

7.Films [three copies on DVD] should be sent to the Organizer with the postscript “Albatrosy 2010 - Szkolny Przegląd Filmów Amatorskich”.Deadline for submitting applications is 17thMay 2010 [i.e. the videos should be in Gdynia until 17th May].

8.Authors submitting the film consequently give their consent to the public screening of the film in the review.

9.Copyrights for the film submitted to the review can not be limited in any way and they may not violate copyrights and personal rights of third parties. Without of this condition the author should clarify the legal situation of the film.

10.Films commissioned for profit or filmed before 2009 will not be accepted for the review.

11.Submitted films will undergo the pre-selection and will be admitted for the finals of the competition by the committee appointed by the Organizer.

12.Films admitted for the finals will be evaluated and rewarded by the Competition Jury appointed by the Organizer.

13.Jury grants the statuettes of "Albatross" and cash prizes for best feature film [1500zł], the best documentary film [1000zł], a special award [500zł].

14.The competition will end with the Award Ceremony and screening of the films accepted for the finals.The expected date of the award ceremony “Albatrosses 2010” - 8thJune 2010 in Multikino in Gdynia.