A Film with a Mission
Data publikacji: 2011-03-16
We invite you to participate in the film and photography competition ‘Autism misleads the senses’ prepared by the SYNAPSIS Foundation.
A Film with a MissionImagine that one day you wake up to discover that all the patterns you have learnt through your senses are no longer the same: salt is sweet, boiling water does not scald, people do not speak, but make incoherent noises and you see the smallest specks of dust in the air which are constantly vibrating and blocking your view. What would you do?

The aim of this open film and photography competition is to show in as much expressive a manner as possible the world of a person suffering from autism. The competition is held as part of the social campaign: ‘Have you heard about autism? Knowledge is trendy. Changing the stereotypical image of a person with autism.’ The main idea of this campaign is to make our society sensitive to the problems that autistic people have to face in their lives.

The competition is divided into two categories:Films – films shoot in any technique, lasting from 30 seconds to 5 minutesPhotographs – a photo or a series of photos in any technique.The winners will be awarded digital equipment. Their works will be displayed during a special exhibition in Warsaw and presented in a multimedia publication.

The competition is organised by the SYNAPSIS foundation. For more information see the competition rules as well as www.synapsis.org.plThe social campaign: ‘Have you heard about autism? Knowledge is trendy. Changing stereotypical image of a person with autism’ is co-funded by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.