The first step: PFW
Data publikacji: 2010-03-14
Many people who started their adventure with film in Gdynia on the Pomeranian Film Workshops continue their education successfully in film schools in Lodz and Warsaw.
The first step: PFWKrzysztof Giczewski [1 PFW] - graduated from Film School in Łódź in 2006, having studied Film and Television Production Management.He worked for 2 years in ITI Studio in advertising, now works in television.

Ilona Bidzan [1 PFW] is a second-year student of screenwriting and production management on Film and Television Academy in Warsaw

Małgorzata Grzeskiewicz [3 PFW] is a second-year student of directing on Film and Television Academy in Warsaw.Currently she is working on her debut short feature film. A document with an intriguing title: 'Young filmmaker vs. cruel world' which she co-wrote is now in post-production.

Piotr Kobzdej [3 PFW] - studies on the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels on the Department of Visual Communication.

Karol Starnawski [4 PFW] is studying directing on the first year of Film School in Lodz.After PFW he directed a short documentary: 'Workshop Graphics' which he later presented on the entrance exams for college. Currently he is working intensively on directing a film during his studies.

Zuzanna Pietruczenik [6 PFW] - a first-year student of screenwriting in Film School in Lodz.