9 Pomeranian Film Workshops
Data publikacji: 2010-08-30
The admission to Pomeranian Film Workshops has just begun. Until 30 September everyone interested may submit their applications via website and send their artistic works.
9 Pomeranian Film WorkshopsThe first PFW session will begin on 22 October. The works will be supervised by: a screenwriter Grzegorz Łoszewski [e.g. ’Wszyscy święci', 'Komornik', 'Stygmatyczka'], a director Wojciech Marczewski [e.g. 'Dreszcze', 'Ucieczka z kina Wolność', 'Weiser'], cinematographer Sławomir Pultyn [e.g. 'Życie, miłość, śmierć i inne błahostki czyli Jan Saudek czeski fotograf'] and an editor Milenia Fiedler [e.g. 'Sauna', 'Fuks', 'Weiser', 'Katyń']. As a result of 9 PFW a short film will be made by all participants.

Pomeranian Film Workshops can be participated by anyone who is over 18 years old, has a good idea for a film and wants to devote three months of intensive work on the production of a short film.

We plan to carry out nearly 140 hours of practical classes! The Workshops will be held in Gdynia Film School, during six sessions in six weekends, from October to December 2010. The first classes will take place on 22 and 23 October 2010.

Single fee for participating in the workshops is 400 PLN.
The organizers of the 9 Pomeranian Film Workshops are: Pomeranian Film Foundation and the Cultural Center in Gdynia.
The project is funded by the City of Gdynia and the Polish Film Institute.

Coordinator: Jurek Rados jr@gsf.pl

Application form [in Polish]
Rules of admission