Successful nineteen
Data publikacji: 2010-07-05
19 people have successfully passed another stage of admission to GFS and have just started interviews.
Successful nineteenEntry exams, that were held in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park from 28 to 30 July, comprised of three stages. Candidates were to write a short film story, direct a scene in cooperation with profesional actors, tell a story based on several dozen of photos.

Exams were taken by 35 people that were qualified basing on presented works. 87 candidates from Poland and abroad participated in the entire admission process.

Interviews and the exam are conducted by the Examination Board: Mirosław Bork, Sławomir Fabicki, Robert Gliński, Andrzej J. Jaroszewicz (PSC), Grzegorz Łoszewski, Paweł Łoziński, Sławomir Pultyn, Jurek Rados and Andrzej Titkow.

On Wednesday, 7th July the names of 12 students of GFS will be annouced.