From Workshops to Cannes
Data publikacji: 2010-05-13
The documentary film 'Pytanie' [The Question] by PFW graduate - Jan Wilkiewicz and Jacek Kiejko was qualified for the seventh edition of Short Film Cornerin Cannes - one of the most important meetings in short films industry.
From Workshops to CannesThe film is a collection of spontaneous responses to a question asked to a randomly selected group of pedestrians in Długa Street in Gdańsk. The responses have been edited so as to create a dialogue between characters, which leads to answering the mysterious question.

- The most interesting experience was meeting the people in the street - says Jan Wilkiewicz. Their reactions were different - some people opened only off the camera, not wanting to answer any of the questions, they just needed some conversation. Others shared with us very personal thoughts, not quite related to a given question. - It is interesting that foreigners were far more willing to talk than the Poles - added Wilkiewicz.

After shooting the film, there came a chance to show the document to a wider audience. Such possibility is given by presenting the work of the young filmmakers on Short Film Corner in Cannes.

This review is one of the most important events in the calendar of short films and each year it attracts the greatest directors, agents, producers and film institutions from around the world. The films go to international distribution, and their makers are confronted with an opportunity to appear in the international film industry.