Free studies in Gdynia Film School
Data publikacji: 2010-05-11
Directors of GFS have decided not to introduce tuition fees.Thismeans that students, who will soon start the first year of education inthe school, will not be charged for the schooling. Apart from the Łódź Film School and Radio and TV Department at the University of Silesia, GFS is the third free film school in Poland.
Free studies in Gdynia Film SchoolFree studies open up many possibilities to ambitious students from poorer families who can not afford to go to the Tri-City in order to learn and for whom the two years of education are associated with some serious spending.Cancellation of charges is also a result of the school's mission and its ambition to become a film school on international level.

- At first we assumed the introduction of fees in the amount of 300 zł per month.Our observation and analysis, as well as numerous voices of people interested in learning in GFS confirmed our belief that free schooling gives great opportunities to talented filmmakers - says Leszek Kopeć, the Director of Gdynia Film School.

The GFS’ aim is to educate film directors and a cameramen. Opening up to people with a potential will help to discover those who may take an active part in Polish cinematography.

Students from distant places will enjoy the access to the nearby dormitories which, thanks to the good will of the City of Gdynia, Polish Naval Academy and Gdynia Maritime University, will be made available to GFS students for learning time on very favourable terms. Students from outside the Tri-City will benefit even more from opting for this type of accommodation - they will be able not only to explore Gdynia, but also integrate with students of other universities, make new acquaintances.

On 20 May, GFS finishes the first part of admissions - accepting application forms, documents, works of art.From 1 October, 12 students will start their studies on directing and cinematography in first Film School in Northern Poland and the third free film school in our country.