Meetings with secondary school students in Elbląg
Data publikacji: 2010-05-11
A difficult and often complicated job of a filmmaker was discussed with students of two high schools from Elbląg by Gdynia Film School representatives - Jerzy Rados, director, deputy director of GFS and Marcin Borchardt, director, screenwriter and journalist, lecturer at GFS.
Meetings with secondary school students in ElblągMeetings were held in halls of 2nd and 3rd High School and attracted a huge number of students interested in cinematography.

High school students had the opportunity to learn everything about film and its production-related challenges faced by a director, who sometimes is forced to become a lighting engineer, an editor or a producer. The chance of finding out about this on your own is provided by Pomeranian Film Workshops, during which the participants become familiar with film production process - from set design and work on the set to editing and post-production. Lecturers pointed out that success in film industry depends largely on skills, creativity and interpersonal skills of a director, not on appearance or a diploma.

The success of each production consists of many factors and the involvement of large groups of people who can effectively work together. The students also learned about the structure of higher education in Poland and about Gdynia Film School offer, which primarily focuses on practical preparation for professional filmmaking, and the condition of graduation is making two films.

High school students were interested in two films presented during the meeting - 'Parking, 4 p.m.' carried out during the Pomeranian Film Workshop and 'Question' directed by Jan Wilkiewicz, a graduate of Pomeranian Film Workshops.

The visits by Jerzy Rados and Marcin Borchardt have met with great interest of students - despite the fact that the meeting in Elbląg high schools lasted for over one and a half hours, the visitors were asked additional questions which they answered eagerly.