Blind Dreams of Filip Jacobson
A student from the Gdynia Film School is looking for persons who are willing to participate in his new project. Eager to make a documentary with the working title ‘Blind dreams’, our student invites blind people to share their dreams.
The Silver Bear
Wojciech Staroń, the cinematographer of 'El Premio' directed by Argentinian Paula Markovitch, has won a statue for outstanding artistic input at International Film Festival in Berlin. 
Staroń's shoot at Berlinale
The film 'El premio' by Paula Markovitch with GSF lecturer - Wojciech Staroń's shoot will compete for The Golden Bear in Berlin. 
A director is someone who owns the frying pan
Robert Gliński - the stage director, the lecturer and Gdynia Film School teaching curriculum creator - asked by Monika Rogo about his views on the young cinematography perspectives, romantic comedies and frayes nerves of a contemporary filmmaker. 
The first exam like that
On Monday GFS' students will take their first semester exam. Questions on directing, cinematography and photography will be asked by lecturers.